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The actor suggests that violence in the name on the religion is on the rise and it is not fantastic for your country. He adds the PM has absolutely nothing to try and do with anybody who is attempting to produce a hostile & violent environment.

Major news of the day: Delhi violence death toll now 24, Supreme Court states deaths might have been avoided if law enforcement acted on time, and much more

The Trinamool Congress on Tuesday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the fuel price hikes for seventeen days in a very row, indicating it can be "disgraceful to unleash a planned catastrophe" around the popular men and women in a time once the country is inside the throes of the pandemic.

"I suggest the graph and the ambition of an ordinary guy and When We now have a PM who is a chaiwala, then I usually say that it's not his victory but it is the victory of our democracy."

The Congress leader on Saturday accused Modi of getting “surrendered” Indian territory to Chinese aggression, following his remark that neither is any person inside of India’s territory nor has anyone captured its posts, made at an all-party meeting.

Modi was appointed Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001 as a consequence of Keshubhai Patel's failing health and inadequate community image subsequent the earthquake in Bhuj. Modi was elected towards the legislative assembly shortly following. His administration has long been regarded as complicit within the 2002 Gujarat riots,[a] or or else criticised for its dealing with of it.

વારસેકે સાચવીંધલ કચ્છજી ખડ઼તલ અને ખમીરવંતી પ્રજા, ડેશ અને પરડેશમેં વસધલ સવાયા કચ્છી ભા, ભેણેકે અજ આષાઢી બીજ અને કચ્છી yogi adityanath janta darbar address નયેં વરેંજે પાવન અવસર તેં લખ લખ વધાઇયું.

In accordance with Ghanchi custom, Modi's marriage was arranged by his mom and dad when he was a child. He was engaged at age thirteen to Jashodaben, marrying her when he was eighteen. They spent tiny time together and grew apart when Modi commenced two years of journey, including visits to Hindu ashrams.[26][283] Reportedly, their marriage was by no means consummated, and he held it a magic formula mainly because usually he could not have become a 'pracharak' while in the puritan Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

प्रधानमंत्री गरीब कल्याण योजना के तहत गरीबों को राशन, सिलेंडर से लेकर नकद सहायता तक दी गई है।

The film business has decided on to not react to Rawal’s comments. Lots of people would need to know how the ‘approach actor’ was drawn into politics.

India's 1.3bn inhabitants locked all the way down to beat coronavirus Delhi's Muslims despair of justice after police implicated in riots

उनका यह मैनिफेस्टो हमें मनोवैज्ञानिक और भावनात्मक रूप से समस्याओं से लड़ने की शक्ति प्रदान करता है*

कोरोना को हराएगी पतंजलि की 'दिव्य कोरोनील टैबलेट', योगगुरू बाबा रामदेव ने की लॉन्च

Narendra Modi will resolve it , that is the cause Congress is more nervous than its political mates in China.

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